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How Does a Solar Eclipse Affect My Solar Panels?

Sustainable Living Bethany Marsch April 05 2 minutes reading time

If you have solar panels, you might wonder how the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, will affect them. During the eclipse, energy generation is expected to decrease. 

Areas within the "zone of totality" will experience complete darkness, while areas near and far from that zone will experience a partial loss of sunlight. Although totality lasts only four minutes, the transition in and out of the eclipse could last several hours in some places. This means there could be a much more extended period of reduced solar generation. 

While a solar eclipse temporarily impacts solar production, it doesn't raise concerns about the reliability of solar energy. Eclipses' predictability gives energy providers and users plenty of time to prepare, and the gradual transition into and out of an eclipse allows for adjustments to be made seamlessly.

If you have battery storage connected to your solar panels, you won't experience any change with an eclipse; just ensure your battery is charged and ready to go. 

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Bethany Marsch
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