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Geothermal Heating and Cooling: Sustainability and Good Business Sense for 2023 Supplier of the Year

Carla Morris January 04 6 minutes reading time

“Back at home.” Just three words, yet at an awards ceremony in Texas last September, the sentiment behind them spoke volumes about employee-owned Nussbaum Transportation in Hudson, Illinois.  

The enterprise had just garnered accolades as the 2023 Transportation Supplier of the Year for Caterpillar, Inc. (NYSE: CAT). Nussbaum’s VP of Sales, Chris Aranda, credited the carrier’s employee-owners “back at home and on the road” with the win. It was no small feat, given Cat’s expansive global operations. 

For the Nussbaum team, “back at home” means more than the headquarters and campus from which they lead the industry in over-the-road freight transportation and award-winning services. It’s also the place where a story of sustainability continues to unfold. 

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Nussbaum routinely gleans sustainability awards in transportation, pursuing energy efficiency on multiple fronts, for example: 

  • Using biodiesel fuel blends to power its fleet. 
  • Installing solar panels on trucks to reduce idle time and extend battery life. 
  • Installing innovative rear aero systems on trailers to improve performance. 
  • Exploring new frontiers like the use of electric trucks and more regional operations. 

Not surprisingly, geothermal heating and cooling, resourced by Enertech, provides ultra-efficient climate control in the company’s Hudson headquarters. 



The carrier’s Hudson campus features an 18,000-square-foot state-of-the- art maintenance building and a 13,000-square-foot office building. The striking interior of the latter replicates a western lodge design with wood trussing and floors, stone pillars, large windows, and mahogany doors.  

Geothermal heating and cooling adds efficiency, delivering: 

  • Comfort throughout, including amenities for drivers like private shower rooms and an inviting lounge area. 
  • Quiet operation that adds to the serenity of a pond, complete with a walking path. 
  • 30% - 70% annual savings on heating and cooling costs. 

 Nussbaum boasts one of the highest driver retention rates in the country and repeated recognition as one of the best fleets to drive for. 

 "Success like this takes people who care about their work and show it in every interaction with suppliers, coworkers, and customers,” said Aranda of the company’s most recent award. “A huge thank-you to our employee-owners who make wins like this happen.” 

No one could be prouder of Nussbaum’s achievement than the folks at Enertech whose geothermal units contribute to Nussbaum’s sustainability story. View photos of Nusbaum’s beautiful, energy-efficient corporate headquarters here. 



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